You sing in me Your name


Mystical diary – anthology

Carine Philipse kept a diary of the powerful mystical breakthrough that happened in 2003 and the process that followed. She found words for her ever-closer relationship with God, in the form of daily notes of her experiences and feelings, reflections and prayers. Such direct, appealing texts, that they take the reader to the inner self where he or she can meet God.

“This book is my diary. But it is not about me, about my life with all daily events or about my own experiences. It’s about the working of God in ‘my’ life. My life, which in fact is not ‘mine’, but from Him.

My life and the person I am, are essentially irrelevant. They are no more than the channel wherein this mystical process can take place. This takes place in me, but it is not mine or for me to have. It flows through me outside, to others. It is my feeling that it was exactly for this purpose. Being connected to God does not close yourself from the world around you, but  connects you on an even deeper level.”

Enclosed is a DVD in which the writer in conversation with Prof. Hein Blommestijn expands on the mystical process.  A professor in mystical theology, of the Titus Brandsma Institute of Spirituality in Nijmegen, Hein Blommenstein wrote the commentary to You sing in me Your name.
“As commentary on the mystical diary of Carine Philipse I discuss a poem which she wrote in 2003,” the way of the soul ‘, which in a visual way is akin to the work of Teresa of Avila. More then four centuries distance do not seem to affect the processes of awareness of the essential. ”

An excerpt:

The path of the soul

1.The soul
knows many movements.

2. But once God,
He who is Love,
has awakened in her
the longing
to experience Him
in her deepest ground,
then she finds rest
nowhere else
but in Him alone.

3. When He grants her the grace
of being allowed to experience
oneness with Him,
then she gets
fully overwhelmed by this,
and beside herself
with joy.
Totally directed towards Him
and forgetting herself,
she wants to give herself
wholly to Him
and flows over
with gratitude.

4. After that
she remains behind, bewildered,
and can only long
to be allowed
to experience anew
that highest happiness.

5. This longing
can be fierce and painful,
for the soul now knows
the overwhelming joy,
of experiencing
oneness with Him.
And perceives
experiencing this
as her true destination,
her final homecoming.

6.Yet there is on the bottom of the soul
an unwavering knowing,
that she always
and in all circumstances
is one with Him
and can never
be separated from Him.

And that she has all along
been ‘at home’,
with Him.
All along.
Because He
has known her and loved her
to her deepest being,
since her very beginning.

In short, a book full of passion, poetry, struggle and surrender – an irresistible invitation to go on your own journey.

From the review in the Benedictine Magazine No. 3-2013.:
“This book contains a selection of diary entries beginning with a powerful experience of union with God, which took place on 1 January 2003. What and how [the author] writes about that, makes an absolutely authentic impression.” – Frans Berkelmans

From the review in the Friesch Dagblad of September 17, 2013:
“It is fascinating to follow this mystical process for more then two years and see how the utmost concentration on the inner process eventually leads to a deeper relationship with other people and with the world around her. Such testimony touches our deepest desire. “- Kick Bras

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ISBN 978 90 777 2825 3
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